Environmental System of São Paulo

The Environmental System of São Paulo

The Environmental System of São Paulo is part of the São Paulo State Government, Brazil, and is responsible for the environmental management in its territory.

Our mission is to implement policies which promote an ecologically balanced environment for the present and future generations, ensuring conditions for sustainable development and social welfare.

The Secretariat for the Environment is the central institution of this system, overseeing the work of multiple coordinating bodies, institutes, foundations and an environmental agency.

Several institutions united by a single cause

 sma SMA – Secretariat for the Environment

Central institution of the Environmental System of São Paulo; planning, coordinating, supervising and controlling the State Environmental Policy.

 cbrn CBRN – Biodiversity and Natural Resources Coordination

Economic instruments to encourage restoration and preservation; fauna management; dissemination of low impact technologies for agricultural and forestry activities.

 cpla CPLA – Environmental Planning Coordination

Land use planning; geographic information system; environmental diagnosis; public policies; sustainable solid waste management.

 cfa_ CFA – Environmental Inspection Coordination

Environmental monitoring and inspection; interface with Environmental Military Police.

 cea CEA – Environmental Education Coordination

Supports and creates methodologies for environmental education; spreads and consolidates ideas of sustainability; stimulates public participation and citizenship.

 pmva CMVA – GreenBlue Municipality Program Coordination

Interface with municipalities; decentralization of environmental management.

 consema_ CONSEMA – Environmental State Council

Democratic forum; evaluation and monitoring of environmental policies; government & organized civil society interaction; participatory decision-making in environmental management.

 cetesb_ CETESB – São Paulo State Environmental Agency

Environmental licensing; control and monitoring of environmental quality.

ff FF – Forestry Foundation

Management of protected areas, both of integral protection and of sustainable use.

 if IF – Institute of Forestry

Research; environmental conservation; forestry production.

 ig IG – Institute of Geology

Research; spatial planning; mitigation of environmental issues; prevention of natural disasters.

 ibot IBT – Institute of Botany

Research; São Paulo Botanical Garden.

zoo Zoo Foundation

São Paulo Zoo; Safari Zoo; Zoo Farm

CPU – Urban Parks Coordination

Management of eight State Parks, maintaining of green areas for recreation, leisure and entertainment; quality of life; well-being.