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Project Portfolio

This portfolio (Project Portfolio – 17MB) contains an overview of projects currently carried out by organs and institutions comprising the São Paulo State Environmental System, supervised by the São Paulo State Secretariat for the Environment.

The purpose of this portfolio is to enhance communication between the São Paulo State Environmental System and international actors, encouraging the exchange of experiences. Particularly, we wish to foster cooperation with academic, research and financial institutions, as well as subnational and local governments and other stakeholders, be it through formal cooperation agreements or other forms of partnership and assistance.

To provide a general overview of the collaboration opportunities, projects currently being carried out by São Paulo’s Environmental System are summarized in a maximum of two pages. Each outline also indicates if international technical support can be offered by project participants, or if technical and/or financial support is required to continue developing that particular initiative.

For more information about the work of the Secretariat and to contact the office responsible for each initiative listed in this Portfolio, we kindly ask the reader to reach out to us – the International Affairs office will be pleased to assist you.