The Secretariat

The Secretariat for the Environment of the State of São Paulo was established in 1986, promoting the preservation, improvement and restoration of environmental quality by coordinating and integrating activities related to environmental protection. The Secretariat was responsible for drafting the State Environmental Policy in 1997.

Since 2008, in addition to coordinating the formulation, approval, execution, evaluation and update of the State Environmental Policy; it is also responsible for analyzing and overseeing sectorial public policies that have impact on the environment, as well as articulating and coordinating related plans and actions.

Additionally, the Secretariat for the Environment performs environmental monitoring and promotes environmental education, standardization, control, regulation, protection, conservation and recovery of natural resources. To achieve these goals, the Secretariat is organized in the following coordination bodies and institutions: Biodiversity and Natural Resources Coordination; Environmental Planning Coordination; Environmental Inspection Coordination; Environmental Education Coordination; Urban Parks Coordination; GreenBlue Municipality Program Coordination; CETESB – Environmental Agency; Forestry Foundation; Institute of Forestry; Institute of Geology; Institute of Botany; and Zoo Foundation.