CONSEMA – Environmental State Council

CONSEMA, the Environmental State Council, was established in 1983 and is considered the initial seed of the Secretariat of Environment, within which it is nowadays integrated. Problems such as the pollution of the city of Cubatão, the threat to the survival of the Atlantic Forest of the Serra do Mar, the entry of the city of São Paulo in the sad ranking of the most polluted cities in the world and the attempt to build nuclear power plants on the coast of the State alarmed the society and highlighted the need of establishing a forum to discuss such issues. The above-listed problems were the first challenges faced by the Council, which was created to meet the demands of society and to definitely introduce environmental policies in the political scenario of the State.

The Council’s broad responsibilities include: the evaluation and monitoring of environmental policies, especially regarding the preservation, conservation, restoration and protection of the environment; the establishment of norms and environmental standards; the execution of public hearings and, under certain circumstances, the assessment of EIAs/RIMAs – Environmental Impact Studies and Reports.

CONSEMA is a democratic forum for the discussion of environmental challenges, catalyzing demands and concrete proposals to improve environmental management in the State of São Paulo and serving as space in which government and society can dialogue.