Office of the Secretary

Secretary for the Environment

secretario-dr-ricardoRicardo Salles

Ricardo Aquino Salles, 41, obtained his Law Degree from Mackenzie University, with postgraduate studies at the Universities of Coimbra and Lisbon, as well as a specialization in business administrationat Getúlio Vargas Foundation. He was private secretary to Governor Geraldo Alckmin, has held the vice-presidency of the Spanish Official Chamber of Commerce in Brazil, was legal director of SRB, and director of the Brazilian Institute of Competition, International Trade and Consumer Affairs (IBRAC). He also held the positions of director and rapporteur of Consumer Relations at the Corporate Lawyers’ Study Center (CESA), director and vice-president of the Sustainable Development Committee of CCILB, and director, officer and vice-president of the Friends of the Real Parque Society (SARP).

Deputy Secretary for the Environment

AntoniSecretário-Adjunto-Antônio-Velosoo Carneiro Velloso

Lawyer, 41 years old, obtained his Law Degree from the University of São Paulo in 1997 and has been engaged in the private law since then, with five-year interval in the financial market.

Chief of Staff

ANTONIO-VAGNER-PEREIRA-e1349909018811Antonio Vagner Pereira

Mr. Pereira is a lawyer and joined the Direct Public Administration in 1979 at the Secretariat for Labor Relations of the State of São Paulo. He has held positions at multiple Secretariats of the State of São Paulo (Sport and Tourism, Agrarian Affairs, Environment, Culture and Agriculture), carrying out the functions of Department Technical Director, Coordinator and Chief of Staff. Mr. Pereira has also been Chief of Staff of the Social Solidarity Fund of the State of São Paulo and of the National Institute for Historical and Artistic Heritage of the Ministry of Culture during the term of Fernando Henrique Cardoso.