This portal has several sections to help and inform landowners, technicians, and the general public interested in the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) and the Environmental Regularization Program (PRA) of the State of São Paulo.

Here you can find informative material on the environmental legislation and also material for users of the system (training and education), news, public data and contact information, among others.


What is the SiCAR-SP?

The Rural Environmental Registry System of the State of São Paulo – SICAR SP – allows the registration of São Paulo rural properties in the CAR. The electronic registration is compulsory and free, and small rural properties and possessions have support from the Government to complete their registration. Small properties and possessions are those with up to four Fiscal Modules[1]  of area, index that varies by municipality.

Rural properties have until 5 May 2016 to complete their registrations in the system.

In addition to the CAR, the SICAR-SP also includes the Environmental Compliance module, currently under development. This module is designated for the environmental regularization of properties that need to take action to meet environmental legal requirements with regard to areas under protection: Areas for Permanent Preservation (APP), Legal Reserves (RL) and Areas of Restricted Use. The system will automatically calculate the quantity to be recovered, based on the information provided by the user, and will also offer options for a proposed compliance. Membership option to PRA will be made available soon through this module, with a resolution of the State Secretariat for the Environment.




[1] Fiscal Module is a concept instituted by the Law 6,746/79, which is a measure unit of area (in hectares), set differently for each municipality of the State of São Paulo.